Thursday, August 26, 2010

Terror Suspect Auditioned for Canadian Idol

You've probably heard this story by now, but if not, you can read about it here. But even though it's all over the news, to the point where "Canadian Idol" is actually trending on Yahoo (and it hasn't been on the air in two years) I thought I'd post about it anyway. After all, if it's even remotely connected to Ben Mulroney, you'll find it here!

Yes, I know, the Ben thing is getting old... I just can't help myself... it's hypnotic...

Speaking of hypnotic, here's the video... you know you want to watch it...

I swear, I'm not making fun of terrorism. I'm just making fun of this guy. You know you want to see him doing the Robot while singing (I use that term loosely) Avril Lavigne.

I read that he's actually a doctor. Anyone else think he must've lost a bet and that's why he had to do that audition? Like, "Dude, I bet you I can do backflips all the way across this room!"

"No, you can't, Dude!"

"I can! I can totally do backflips across the room!"

"I bet you can't. If you can't do backflips all the way across the room, you have to go and audition for Canadian Idol and do the Robot on national television!"

I'm right. You know I am.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Ben Reproduces! Twice!

Okay, so the whole "30 Days of Ben Mulroney" thing was sort of tongue-in-cheek, BUT, since I may now have dedicated Ben fans watching this blog for all things Ben, I thought I should mention that Ben and his wife, Jessica, welcomed twin boys Brian Gerald Alexander and John Benedict Dimitri this morning. I don't have any other details, but first-time dad Ben is apparently over the moon:
"Both boys are healthy and beautiful,” said Mulroney. “Jessica is radiant and in great health and sprits. I am the happiest man alive."
ETalk Daily is, of course, milking this for all its worth (I was about to make a breast milk joke here, but I'm thinking it might be crossing a line...) so they'll have all of the details tonight, and also "fatherly advice" from celebrity dads such as Tom Cruise and Peter Facinelli.

So... yeah... more Mulroney DNA in the world.... yeah... and two boys... that's a lot of future hair products...

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Love Prevails

I was out at the gym last night. Yay me! But, of course that means I come home to the Twitter timeline from Hell. This time, it was okay, though.

Because everywhere in my timeline there were posts praising the court judgement against Prop H8 in California. From Ellen DeGeneres to the random moms that I follow, to friends I've known for years, it seemed everyone was happy. Of course, I'm guessing that if anyone WAS for Prop H8, then they weren't likely going to speak up too much anyway.

Gay marriage has been legal in Canada for five years now. It's just a fact of life. Our families haven't fallen apart. Our children haven't been "indoctrinated" and I doubt that anyone has been converted by "The Gay Agenda."

When will the H8ers realize that it's none of their business who other people love? Pierre Trudeau said so long ago that the government had no business in the nation's bedrooms. It has no business in the people's marriages, either. Let us marry (or divorce, as the case may be) who we want.

I don't know what will happen when this case in California goes to appeal (and I'm sure that it will), but I'm still hopeful that eventually California, and the rest of the US, will figure out that it is so much easier to love than it is to hate. Hate takes up way too much energy. Love only GIVES energy.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

New Rules for Canada's Wireless Companies

I've been skeptical of cell phones for a long time. For one, I somehow always seem to get one where the reception is so bad that I'm constantly yelling to be heard, and saying, "What? What?? WHAT DID YOU SAY?!? Oh, forget it..."

Second is the cost of long-distance. I live in the GTA. It's a fact of life that the majority of us are commuters. The reasons, to my way of thinking, for having a cell phone are a) in case you have to call CAA on the side of the 401; and b) to call home to see if dinner will be ready and if you need to pick up garbage bags and arugula from the grocery store. So what good does a $20 per month plan do me if I double that easily in long distance charges? On my land line, I pay less than $30 per month for unlimited long distance anywhere in North America (in case, you know, I need to call someone in Arkansas.) On my cell, it's $0.35 per MINUTE. As in, for a five minute conversation, I just blew $1.75. Do that five times per week and you're looking at $8.75. Multiply that by 4 weeks per month and you've got $35. Plus HST. For 100 minutes of long distance. Hmmm...

Then, of course, there are those mysterious "System Access Fees" and the like. Basically a way of screwing over naive customers who think that they're REALLY paying on $30 per month for their cell phone plan. "Sure it's only $30, but the 'GOVERNMENT' makes us add that fee on." Uh-huh.

So yes, I am not a fan of cell phones. I have the most basic plan I can get with my crappy, horrible reception cell phone.

But truthfully, I want a better phone. I want a better plan. I want to be able to waste time on Twitter and Facebook ANY TIME THAT I WANT! I see all of these Tweets from UberTwitter and Tweetdeck, and I think, "That should be ME!" I have a random thought while out driving, and think "I have to remember to Tweet this - WHEN I get to a computer." It's not fair, people!

I have been with my cell phone carrier for over two years now of a three-year contract. I am eligible for a new phone. I buoyantly went into the store and drooled over the shiny, colourful screens and QWERTY keyboards, ready to fork over a much smaller sum than I would have paid six months ago for a new phone. Except then I was told I had to sign ANOTHER three-year contract to get it. And I don't want to do that.

Anyway, the point of all of this is that the Canadian government is making an attempt to rein in the major cell phone companies. However, rather than being accused of being heavy-handed, they're doing, well, not a lot. Don't hold your breath unless you have the lung capacity of David Blaine or something.

The government has encouraged "self-regulation" in the industry. The companies have adopted a Code of Conduct and are funding an "independent" Commissioner of Complaints for Telecommunications Services. Woo hoo. That will work about s well as the doctors who work for the insurance companies in the US, I'm betting.

Quebec, on the other hand, is escaping my wrath this time: they're actually DOING something. They're restricting companies from being able to charge HUGE cancellation fees for ending a contract early. They will be limited to charging the amount of discounts for inexpensive phones given to the customer. If you didn't receive a cheap phone as an incentive, the limit for termination is $50. Contracts also can't be changed mid-stream without giving the customer 30 days notice, and allowing them to terminate the contract without penalty.

The wireless whiners, though, are complaining bitterly, and threatening not to bring the latest phones into Quebec.

You can read more about the changes here.